Our Services

Bay Crest Management offers complete and integrated solutions for your Chartering and Commercial Operation needs through alignment of interest.

Company Profile

We were approached by many chemical tanker owners who were looking for a professional commercial manager who they can trust. That was when BCM was established in Singapore in 2013



New Option for Chemical Tanker Owners through “Alignment of Interest”


•  Work for OWNER

•  Offer a more PROFITABLE model



•  Not just a pool manager BUT acting as a “Commercial Arm” of Owner

•  Maximising profit for each vessel by improving chartering returns and operational prudence


Message from Chairman

Shinsuke Togawa

It all started with ship-owners approaching us looking for a professional commercial manager instead of simply relying on market time-charter or an existing pool manager. I quickly understood their needs and established Bay Crest and a professional team in 2013. Our system of operations, executed with a dedicated and truly most professional team is based on transparency and accountability. These are the essential ingredients for trust, which I believe is the most critical reason why Bay Crest is able to continually expand since. If you want to enjoy an operation that is always sourcing for best voyage returns and serious cost management, then Bay Crest is here to do just that. I look forward to serving you soon!